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Some of the messages are coming back from those who have found Massena Bicentennial balloons that were floated skyward from the closing ceremony on July 14th.  The Bicentennial Committee and the Massena Boy Scouts launched hundreds of helium- filled balloons with messages about the Bicentennial.  The balloons traveled north and east with the light breeze.  Officials are hoping the balloons will carry their message a long ways.  Report your balloon by clicking this link:  Balloon Watch ... and sending us an E-Mail.  Someone from the committee will contact you soon, if you are a winner.  Most of the early E-Mails of balloon sightings have been in the Massena area.  Here's a sampling of excerpts from some of the messages we have received:
7/17/02 -- "Hi - found a white balloon in my yard with a tag telling me to email you." - Grove St., Massena

7/16/02 -- "My balloon is white. It landed at the fence at the track (Massena High school).  The tag says join our celebration go to our website to learn more if you have won a bicentennial prize."

7/16/02 -- "I found a white balloon on the John Story Trail near the soccer fields."

7/16/02 -- "Found it in my flower garden on the road, Highland Rd.  Color of balloon is white."

7/15/02 -- "After the closing ceremonies on our drive home to Grove Street we saw some balloons at the Nightengale school playground.  After seeing them, we stopped to pick up a balloon for a keepsake, but now we're looking to win a prize!  We have three of them, one for each of us children.  Our ages are 14,13, and 9.  Our parents think it will be really neat for us to be there in 50 years to see the time capsule opened with our children."

7/15/02 -- "We found two balloons.  My four year old son found a red BJ's balloon in some shrubs growing along the walking trail next to J.W. Leary Junior High School...  I also found a balloon in my flower patch in front of our home on Prospect Avenue here in Massena.  My balloon is white... We found both balloons Sunday when we went for an evening walk."

7/15/02 -- "Received a red balloon in my back yard Monday afternoon. Ridgewood Ave. Massena, NY."

7/15/02 -- "Highland Road, Massena.  God Loves You And So Do We!!  Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery."

7/15/02 -- "School Street, Massena, in my front yard."


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