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Executive Council

*Doug Huntley
John Murray
Legal - David Welch
(attorney for Town of Massena)

1. Overall coordination/clearinghouse
2. Overall bicentennial plan/performance milestones
3. Policy making for the celebration
4. Develop/approve work plan, master calendar & budget
5. Administration of overall program, including legal/ insurance matters & staffing & structural issues
6. Will appoint committees and day chairs
7. Develop a bicentennial theme


*John Mereau

1. Develop a work plan and a calendar for its activities
2. Strictly adhere to all Federal/State finance rules, regulations & laws
3. Supervise & comply with budget adopted by Steering Committee
4. Develop and adhere to legal procurement policies and regulations


*Tom Sullivan
Forrest Kimball   Jim Ward
John Wicke    Ron Patnode
Sandy Cook

1. Will have fundraising responsibility
2. Develop a work plan and a calendar for its activities

Publicity and Public Relations

*Tina Corcoran
Grace Danboise
Vicki Garcia
Bob Hadler
Bob LaRue
Kitty Samuel

1. Will do public relations, publicity and media relations
2. Will accept responsibility for the logo & other symbols
3. Will develop merchandise
4. Will be sensitive to and deal with external relations necessary to carry out its responsibility
5. Will develop a work plan and calendar for its activities
6. Will be responsible to develop & maintain a Bicentennial web site
7. Will maintain a current and comprehensive Bicentennial web site


*Shawn Gray
Debbie Beaulieu
Joe Gray
Bob LaRue
John Michaud
Theresa Sharp

1. Will research historical information
2. Will develop a work plan and calendar for its activities
3. Will document the process and events of the Bicentennial

Class Reunion

1. Will do the research for a distinct educational initiative
2. Will research contacts necessary to identify Massena High School alumni, and other contacts necessary to support major event
3. Will develop a work plan and calendar or its activities
4. Will public historical information and educate or inform the public about Massena’s rich history


*Tim Currier

1. Provide appropriate security for all events & activities
2. Develop a work plan and calendar for its activities


*Odile LaComb

1. Develop a work plan and calendar for its activities
2. Will coordinate a community effort to develop parks and gardens with a Bicentennial theme
3. Will coordinate events & functions which emphasize gardens/ parks


*Paul Haggett
*Chris Cole
*George Curtis
(July 4)

1. Will develop a work plan and calendar for its activities
2. Will coordinate all aspects of two major parades which will take place on July 4, 2002 and July 13, 2002

March 3, 2002

*Shawn Gray
*Jack Sauve

1. Develop a work plan and calendar for its activities
2. Will coordinate a recognition program for the actual March 3, 2002 “birthday”

Vendors/ Concessions

1. Develop a work plan and calendar for its activities
2. Will be responsible for all aspects of selecting, choosing, organizing and coordinating all vendors for all events

Volunteer Coordinator

*Paul Haggett

1. Develop a work plan and calendar for its activities
2. Coordinate efforts of people who volunteer to participate

Ecumenical Council Committee


Bicentennial Ball Committee

*Grace Danboise
Joann Bealieu
Tina Corcoran 


*Denotes Chair            Volunteers still needed.  If you can assist, please call Massena Chamber Office at 769-3525.


Other activities which could result in separate and distinct committees or could be integrated into an existing committee:

ACTIVITY                                                                      COMMITTEE / PERSON RESPONSIBLE

Home Visits                                                                      Historical Committee
Bus Tours                                                                         Historical Committee
Road Run                                                                         Mary Arcadi
Golf Tournament                                                               Massena Country Club
July 14, 2002 Ecumenical Sunday
Sunrise Services
Opening and closing ceremonies
Balloon Festival                                                                State Parks, Alex Bay - Marcel Lauzon

Dignitaries   • Politicians                                                    Ken MacDonnell
                   • Andre Massena descendant
                   • Ambassador from France

Storefronts, Main Street, Downtown                                 Hometown Pride Committee
                   • Banners across street                                  Fundraising Committee
                   • Banners on buildings
                   • Banners on street lights
                   • Paint side of building

Play or musical review (Massena Central High School)      Lee Baines/Chip Lamson
Blue Angels                                                                      Jack Sauve
Time Capsule (Rededicate & refurbish)                             ALCOA
Commemorative Book/Brochure                                      Historical Committee
Multi-cultural Awareness                                                  Ethnic Groups
Native American Events                                                   Akwesasne Chiefs
Vietnam Moving Wall (July 30 - August 5)
Bicentennial Ball/Party - March 2                                     Grace Danboise
History Lecture Series throughout the year                        Historical Committee
Restaurant Festival
Art Exhibitions                                                                 Massena Artist Association
Courier-Observer Special Bicentennial sections
Memories of Massena letters

Official communications/correspondence
                • Invitations to dignitaries, neighbors,

                   business, industry, churches, schools, etc.

Fire Department and Police Department Open House
                • Canine Unit
                • Display fire trucks/police cars

Street dance                                                                  Ken MacDonnell
Ship tours/Dinner dance
Boat displays
Canoe race
Period dress events (parade, dinners)
Casino night
Downtown sidewalk sale/antique show/mall
Senior citizens
Service clubs
Tree Planting Program
Bicentennial Mural                                                       Hometown Pride Committee
Pictorial Book of Events
Homecoming Day


  Organization                                                               Status

• ALCOA Day                                                               Full day
• Massena Memorial Hospital                                         Full day
• New York Power Authority                                         Full day
• St. Lawrence Seaway                                                  Weekday
• Courier/Observer                                                         At least part of a day
• Historical Committee                                                    At least part of a day
• Akwesasne Mohawk                                                   (To be determined)
• St. Lawrence Centre Mall                                                           (To be determined)
• International Armed Forces and/or Armed Forces        (Uncertain at this time)
• General Motors                                                           (Uncertain at this time)