Official Website of the Massena, New York 2002 Bicentennial Celebration!


The following are excerpts delivered by Town Supervisor Sandy Cook, delivered during the Massena Bicentennial's Closing Ceremony, held on Sunday, July 14th:

"What a celebration we had!  What kind of memories will you take from Massena’s 200th birthday party? 

Music filled the air almost every night during the celebration – from Big Band to bluegrass, show tunes, sacred music and the blues.  Over 4,000 friends and neighbors came to tour our North Country’s primary economic engine... and the men and women of ALCOA certainly made a warm welcome to all.  How about the fireworks that exploded with brilliance before our eyes, sometimes seeming like they would down right on top of you?  Hot-air balloons that seemed almost magic in their appearance.  The absolutely wonderful spectacle of flags, uniforms, color and enthusiasm of the Battle of the Bands on a Saturday night at Nicholas Field.  And thousands of people lining Main Street, enjoying perhaps the biggest parade this community has ever seen... then a day of fun with family and friends at the Family Festival.

First, directly to Chairman Doug Huntley and Co-Chairman John Murray: Your countless hours of planning, worrying, negotiating and just plain dedication obviously paid off.  Your leadership and calm hands at the wheel made this party run like a smooth engine.

To all members of the Bicentennial Committee: You have done a job well beyond the call of your fellow Massenans. You took what might have been just a day or two of recognition and made it into a 12-day full-fledged celebration. The ideas you had, the hard work you did, the time you spent... all came to fruition.  It was well worth it.  It was a sacrifice and I know it was a labor of love.

To all of the organizations that, in any way, helped, played a role in, dedicated a day to, offered volunteers or provided much-needed monetary assistance to make Massena’s Bicentennial an unforgettable time...and there are too many to mention... you can take pride in what you have accomplished. This celebration was also a perfect example of town and village working together for the entire community. And say a special prayer of gratitude for a week-and-a-half of the best weather we could have hoped for.

And most of all, our thanks to the people of Massena and all our neighbors who came to celebrate our 200th birthday. The real strength of Massena is her people.  It turned out to be like the voice heard in Field of Dreams." If they build it, they will come. Well, the committee planned it and they came. You attended in large numbers at almost every event that was offered. Your unabashed joy and enthusiasm were something to see and very touching to witness. Your cheering and applause for every part of this celebration were very meaningful to those involved. Your behavior was above reproach:  no problems, not many hassles, just good old Massena and North Country hospitality. You made our Governor (George Pataki) and one of our U.S. Senators (Hillary Clinton) feel right at home with your warm welcome.  How many towns of our size can attract that kind of attention?  To one and all, a grateful community says, "Thank you."

We have certainly taken care of the "Celebrating Our Past" part of the Bicentennial slogan. Now it’s time to look at the "Building our Future" part. Indeed, we can look forward and begin preparing for an exciting future. Yes, Massena IS a great place to live. Our forefathers knew it then. We know it now. Let future generations know it too. 

Again, to all of you, thank you. God Bless Massena. And God Bless America."


   Copyright © 2002, and Town of Massena 2002 Bicentennial Committee.  All rights reserved.