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   The last planned event of the 2002 Massena Bicentennial celebration, the sealing of the Bicentennial Time Capsule, was completed on Friday, July 26.  Donated by David Frary of Phillips Memorial Home in Massena, the time capsule was filled and sealed during intermission of the Sandy Cook & Friends Big Band Concert at Andrews Street Veterans Memorial Park.
   Bicentennial memorabilia and merchandise, 2002 yearbooks from each Massena school, pins from the Massena Museum and a variety of items representative of this time in Massena history, were donated by Massena residents and placed in the time capsule to be opened fifty years from now.  Other items included the documents from Massena's legal battle for electric power in the 1970's, banners and road signs, memorabilia from Massena Hospital's 50th anniversary, John Michaud's book on Massena history, a volume of Bob LaRue's local history books "St. Lawrence County Almanac," a Vern Mauch 2002 Massena Bicentennial Calendar with pen-and-ink drawings of historic Massena scenes and more.
   Also placed in the capsule were a computer, television and VCR for Massena folks in 2052 to have the technology which might be necessary in order to view the tapes and compact discs which were also sealed away.
   The time capsule will reside in the Springs Park near the bandshell for the next fifty years, under a marker instructing the opening of the contents during Massena's 250th anniversary celebration in 2052.  


Looking inside the time capsule before it is sealed.
The capsule, weighing 1,700 pounds empty, was
designed and guaranteed to withstand moisture, leaks and the elements a period of at least 75 years.

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