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     Trivia Questions About Massena, New York.  How many do you know?

                                              Massena Trivia

So you think you know a lot about the storied history of Massena, N.Y.?  Time to find out!  Below are several trivia questions about our proud history.  See how many you get right!  (Answers can be found by clicking on the link at the bottom of this page.)

1.  The town of Massena was originally called:
     A.  Jefferson
     B.  Americus
     C.  VanRensselaer
     D.  Massena

2.  Massena was named for:
     A.  A city in Spain
     B.  A French military leader
     C.  The town's first landowner
     D.  None of the above

3.  Massena was a member school of the first high school sports league created nearly
     100 years ago in St. Lawrence and Franklin counties.  What was the first sport?
     A.  Basketball
     B.  Football
     C.  Baseball
     D.  Track & Field

4.  Which organization was founded by Father John Bellamy, pastor of St. Mary's Church
     in Massena around 1929?
     A.  Massena's Boxing Boys
     B.  Sacred Heart Church
     C.  Volunteer Army Chaplains of America
     D.  The first Salvation Army Chapter in New York State

5.  What is the common name for a bay, road and Seaway tug in Massena?
     A.  Long Sault
     B.  Grasse River
     C.  Barnhart
     D.  Robinson